Munich GNOME 3.0 Launch Party this Thursday

April 5, 2011


Sneaking around Munich on April the 7th? Then join our launch party at the Openismus Office Munich! (Zweibr├╝ckenstrasse 15, 80331 M├╝nchen) The party starts at 8pm. (more information) Advertisements

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GNOME Contacts: What we really need

December 15, 2010


To read the second part, please follow [this link]. This is the first part about how we think our favourite address book application should look like, what is needed to get to it and the reasoning behind it. It introduces the basic idea of an address book and analyses other implementations. Comments, ideas, suggestions and […]

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TaskView Release

November 22, 2010


taskview Hooray! It’s time to release the 0.1.0 version of my TaskView project – this includes the specification and the C library. Source: Release: taskview addons I stripped many parts out of the original package, to reduce the dependency of the core library to glib. The new umbrella project for these components is […]

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GNOME Hackfest Munich

November 22, 2010


A short announcement for all GNOME Hacker/Designer/Folks around Munich, Germany. Daniel and I will kick off a little Hackfest next weekend. If you want to stop by and join us, just have a look at: GNOME Hackfest Munich or drop me a mail. At the moment we are brainstorming and discussing what we should work […]

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TaskView – Status Update

August 19, 2010


GSoC ended, time for a little review. UI and Bindings I’ve implemented bindings and a basic UI for my set of D-Bus APIs to ease the integration into applications. More screenshots and information are available from my updated portfolio page: Integration Patches Nautilus: Epiphany: Telepathy: Roadmap After the release and integration […]

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Short notes for better D-Bus APIs

July 28, 2010


Client/Server architecture Fairly any non-trivial system consists of more than one process and needs to use IPC. In the most cases there are data-providers and data-consumers. Many people use in that case a broker/server to connect these components. Such service provides following functions: Methods Register/Announce Unregister List Signals Appeared Vanished However if you look closer, […]

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July 10, 2010


The TaskView GSoC Project Long time no post, but the project is quite active. Current Status What works? The support library is complete, it is quite lite and easy to use and takes care of mist things, like calculating the throughput and the remaining time (only for IO-based Tasks) There is a basic control UI, […]

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