Posted on July 10, 2010


The TaskView GSoC Project

Long time no post, but the project is quite active.

Current Dev SnapshotCurrent Status

What works?

  • The support library is complete, it is quite lite and easy to use and takes care of mist things, like calculating the throughput and the remaining time (only for IO-based Tasks)
  • There is a basic control UI, mostly oriented at the current nautilus progress dialogues.
  • Telepathy Filetransfer Integration (yeah, the first fully integrated application, although the strings need some love)

What’s on the road?

  • Documentation and sample code
  • Nautilus Integration
  • Bindings (GObject Introspection)
  • GNOME Shell Integration
  • Application Integration, as the library is quite easy to use, I think it is quite easy to add support. I will concentrate on the core applications of the GNOME ecosystem
  • A fallback solution (has low priority, as D-Bus is omnipresent)

Call for the UI designers!

I must admit the UI doesn’t look very sexy! But that’s your chance to say, what’s wrong with it! What should be changed? I’m looking forward to hear you comments and constructive criticism.

KDE Integration

I was often asked to make my project compatible with the existing solution found in KDE. I’ve looked at the API, but after some discussion I decided not to implement their schema.

This is not a NIH syndrome, it’s basically a technical decision. The D-Bus API has several shortcomings I don’t want to copy (e.g. my API is complete stateless – no need for registering and it also allows thirdparty apps to access the information, e.g power management)

However it would be possible to write adapters. Furthermore I would like to cooperate with KDE developer to create a crossdesktop solution.

More Information and Code

Just have a look at my portfolio page: http://live.gnome.org/SummerOfCode2010/SalomonSickert_Tasks

The location of my code: http://github.com/ssickert/TaskView

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